In the era of COVID-19 we have faced many changes in our traditional manners of operation. Please read below to view the Gondola procedures for this year.

Gondola 2020 – 2021 Procedures (As of 12/11/20)

-Employees/Coaches can load after the Gondola has been cleared. This is approx. at 730 am each day.
-Employees/Coaches need to use the employee/ski school line in the maze. NO ENTRY through the exit.
-Uploading – 1 employee/coach per cabin. This will be monitored strictly.
-Downloading – 1 employee/coach per cabin.
-SRS guests with coaches can be escorted to and use the ski school line to get down. NO COACHES WITH GUESTS IN CABINS.
-The gondola cabins are cleaned twice a day. Three times when we are really busy.
-Odd numbered cabins are loaded going up. Even numbered cabins are loaded coming down.
-The opposite numbered cabins are cleaned at the top and bottom with a Peroxide disinfectant spray.
-The cleaning will also focus on high touch points.
-Pass holder and skier/rider access will be prioritized.