Guest Comments 21/22

Super Dave was an amazing ski instructor. We had someone who was skiing for the first time and although our half day lesson was over, when he saw us back on the slopes continuing to practice, he gave helpful tips to make their experience that much better!

Had a great morning Adult Beginner Snowboard lesson with Evan and enjoyed the rest of the day on the runs.

Great lesson with Tim Rankins!

Outstanding ski school. Both kids had awesome time. Instructors Micah for group lesson with my son and private instructor Andy did an awesome just getting my kids from magic carpet to chair lift and skiing safely/enjoying their first time on the mountain. They went the extra mile to give my kids an awesome and safe experience.

Evan and Natasha, our snowboard instructors, were extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, and helpful!!! All staff members were friendly and helpful!

Savannah was a great instructor, took away a lot from my lesson with her and also had a lot of fun!!”

Steve Liang was my snowboard instructor and was AMAZING!!! I went from being a horrible snowboarder with painful falls to a more confident one thanks to our three hour class. The improvement was like night and day. Kudos to Steve for his patience and encouragement!!!

John D’Aintree was incredible!

The snowboard lesson staff was helpful and knowledgeable. I spent majority of my time with Deon Pearson.

Kyle the manager is great. He was very professional, nice and kind.

Michael Harding was fantastic! I had my second snowboard lesson today and he was a phenomenal instructor. I’ve never progressed so quickly in any kind of lesson for a sport before! He was kind, incredibly patient, and super personal in his direction. He gave so much insight into what we were doing, why, and how it all builds to the bigger picture – as well as making it fun!

My instructor Steve Liang for the day was awesome!!! He was patient, accommodating and fun.

My wife’s snowboard instructor Cristina was AWESOME!!!

George, a 20 year veteran coach was an amazing man for instruction and conversation. Also very generous.

Ski Instructor Steve Bush was excellent!

Our lessons and instructors were amazing. Jenny Taylor, Stephanie Neal, and Joanne all went out of their way for our kids to have an exceptional experience on the mtn.

Fantastic lesson at the Ski School. Michael Harding was a great snowboard instructor! I learned so much in just one lesson with him.

I did a ski instruction class and thought the instructor Tim was wonderful along with the entire staff that helps with fitting of boots and skis in Heavenly store.

Paloma was a great ski instructor for my daughters first time.

Tim Rankins was an awesome instructor. He was exactly what I needed as a 76 year old expert skier who hadn’t skied for 3 years (due to new knee and Covid) and needed some tuning up.

This was my daughters first time to Heavenly and to ski. We set her up with All day lessons for the three days we were there. The instructors are amazing! She was scared in the mornings but every afternoon she was happy and excited and this was done because of the great staff and instructors you have. She overcame her fear of the chairlift and is able to go down the Green runs with little to no fear. She is excited to come back next year! I also took three days of lessons while there and the instructors for the adults are fantastic. Tim, Bob, Tad, etc. are fantastic instructors and make learning easy and enjoyable with explaining what to do in an easy to understand way. Looking forward to next year!

We loved Celine who we had private lesson with Monday afternoon…she was perfect for us. She is excellent as a coach….we enjoyed her tips/techniques and already recommended her to people we met and will do so with friends.

Super Dave, the ski instructor was phenomenal and made me feel completely safe and made sure I was confident before advancing to a bigger hill. I have not been skiing since I was a small child, so it was refreshing to have an expert guide me through the basics. Phoenix was also a good instructor!

The instructor was amazing. Bill pushed me out of my comfort zone, but also took the time to explain directions in great detail so I could understand and make improvements.

I took a lesson with Steve Scott and can’t say enough positive things about learning to ski with him. He was incredibly thoughtful, patient and helped me progress quickly.

Willie was fantastic. Great lesson. Set up for a great day on our own the next day.

Marco from Argentina, my child’s ski instructor, was excellent. Highly recommend. Thank you Marco!

John D’Aintree – what an awesome company representative! He made the experience exceptional!

Clara McClure was a great instructor according to my wife. She said she was very encouraging and gave her confidence. Alan checked her in at the calif lodge and he was super helpful. She also mentioned a super Dave that she met on the mountain and he had great beginner tips.

Eric Leyson gave a great 2nd time ski lesson, appreciated his attentiveness and knowledge.

We had a ski lesson with Hal from Texas. He was great and really advanced our intermediate skiing and was a great tour guide of the mountain during our lesson.

Colin was a wonderful instructor.

Emily was a fantastic instructor to my kids.

John has been my snowboard instructor twice now and I look forward to the coming trips and his lessons. He is a great teacher!

All of the ski school staff were excellent. Specifically Morgan and Mateas in the 5-6yr olds class and Sean, Paloma, and Marshall in the 7-14yr olds class. Everyone was very kind and patient

Shane Pilkinton was great!

Amazing ski lessons, friendly staff and stunning views. Willy Green was a phenomenal ski instructor and truly made the entire trip experience.

Steve Liang was great instructor and Lopaka. He was running the pull ropes and his advice on snowboarding was mind blowing. He seems like a wonderful instructor as well. Everyone really seemed like they take pride in teaching and I found that to be very satisfying. Great group of instructors. Thinking of my next lesson with Lopaka.