Guest Comments 17/18

Here are some of the positive comments received from our guests about their Ski & Ride School experience during the 17/18 season

Ellen Johnson was a wonderful instructor with our disabled daughter.

I really had a great lesson with Dev. And I recommend him to anyone if they want instructions to snowboard. He was thorough and he was such a pleasant person as well. Even though it was not my day to have a class, when he saw me snowboard he actually corrected me and it shows he cares about his students. So this is a shout out!!! Thank you Dev!

I would like to thank Alex (forgot his last name) who hosted my private snowboard lesson on 11/24 afternoon. I’ve taken multiple lessons from Heavenly and this time I made the most progression. He is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Great coach!

We loved Matt as our daughter’s ski instructor. All other personnel were extremely helpful and friendly.

Dave was an awesome coach!

Devon Zerbe (hope I spelled that right) in the kids ski school was fantastic. He was so patient with our son and made the learning experience so fun!

Tim R. was our instructor for the ultimate 4 full day and my brother and I both agree that he was amazing. He was very nice and helpful. Andy was our instructor for the half day and made the class very amusing and fun.


The staff were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Our instructor Richard from Australia was very detailed and took us step by step. I would definitely return and get lessons by him again.

Austin was a great snowboard coach!

Ski instructor – Deon Pearson, very helpful instruction!

Andy and Tim were my ski instructors and they were both awesome. My skiing definitely improved after my lessons and they provided great feedback. I would take a lesson with either of them again.

My snowboard instructor Steve L. was very nice and helpful to me.

Bob in ski school was awesome!! Very friendly, great focus on safety and pointers to make our experience safe and enjoyable! He tailored his instruction on all things “Texican” since we are from Texas!

The instructors were excellent. The best of the best. It has been a very long week of travel and I cannot remember names. But I think that one of their surnames is Scott.

Great views and nice resort! Ryan, my snowboarding instructor was great! Highly recommend him!

Bob Haas was amazing!

Andy at kids ski school was amazing with the kids and they were all skiing after 1 day.

Our private instructor Lee Lee was amazing! Not only was she attentive and patient with our 4 year old, she also took time to teach and fine tune all of our skills! She was phenomenal!

Matt, my son’s instructor was great. Professional, helpful and even stopped by to say hello after our Friday night movie down at the main lodge area.

I loved all of the staff I interacted with, but most especially, the instructors we hired: Ellen, day one, worked with my daughter. Alex, days two and three, also worked with my daughter. He was AMAZING at gaining her trust, and ensuring she had fun! He was also a hero in helping to coordinate getting her off the mtn. on day three, when they were shutting down the gondola, but I was skiing with my instructor, elsewhere on the mtn. Ryan, day three, who worked me and after 20+ years of not being on skis, got me feeling like a skier again! Wish Ryan worked local to me. I’d hire him again in a second!

Ski Instructor Roy Ranne was awesome!

We had a lesson with Robin Barnes and had a great time and experience!

I took first time lessons at California Lodge the instructor “Amy-Louise Hartley” was fantastic!!!  I learned a lot from her my confidence got better as the teaching went along and I took off from there!  The whole experience at California & Tamarack Lodge is breath-taking to say the least! I am now hooked… I can’t wait to go back and further my skiing experience….thank you so much!!!

Our skiing instructor, Richard Jameson, is one of the reason why we chose to come back to Heavenly again this year. We feel at ease on allowing our young boys (age 6, 7, and 9) to take lessons with Richard, alone on the mountain. I highly recommend Richard for his attentiveness to his customers’ concerns, expertise in skiing and safety prevention, and professionalism! This year is our second year our family take private lessons with Richard and we will definitely come back again!

Stefan the snowboarding instructor was the bomb!

Shout outs to Cody Saxe – Columbia MO and Thomas Silva – Buenos Aries who taught my son for a day each and took him from level 1 and fear of chair lift to level 3 with no issues getting on the chair lift – my son now loves skiing.

Kayla Lyons and Abbey Stamats were our kid’s ski school instructors. Kayla was so positive and amazing with the kids. She is perfect for nervous little ones. Abbey did a fantastic job managing our son who likes to go 100 mph. He really learned a lot more about his skiing with her.

Madeline Yacoe, Steve Scott and Jon are an amazing instructors who helped my boys immensely! Thank you!

Russ Snow was an excellent instructor. Patient and supportive.

Peter N. is a great instructor!!

Sam Mendoza was our instructor and he was a great one! Always giving more than expected. Really helpful.

We had a day of private group lesson with Coach David Babcock on Dec. 29th. He is absolutely awesome! He is very patient with kids and taught them a lot of skills in one day.

We took snowboarding lessons and our instructor was Hui Chen Wu, or Mandy as we called her. She was friendly, energetic, and fun. She has an amazing personality… you guys found a gem in her!

John at the Snowboard school was very helpful.

Took a lesson and the instructor was one of the best I can remember, gave instructions that made sense.

Overall, really did enjoy and hope to come back soon and Felicia Tam was a wonderful Instructor by the way!!

Beth with ski school went out of her way for me to connect with my son.

I had a fantastic ski instructor – Jean Brown. She was just great in understanding and tailoring the lesson to everyone’s needs and I learned a lot from her and was super excited about skiing.

Brodie Richards (from New Zealand) was our instructor for our Private snowboard lesson on January 3rd from 1:00-4:00 and he was kind, patient and a very good instructor. My two daughters were so happy to learn how to snowboard with Brodie. Thanks!!

Niko from Chicago wad the best snowboarding instructor couldn’t have done it without you.

The staff were amazing. Tad did a private lesson for our family that was just great. Really good job.

Roy Ranne, our private instructor, is simply outstanding – will return to him and Heavenly next year, as we have for four years running.

I had an amazing time. Both my instructors helped me overcome my fear of skiing. Thomas Andrew Dodson was amazing. Very supportive. I feel I got a good base. I will definitely schedule a private lesson with him next time.

We had an amazing ski instructor named Jim Kass for our kid’s private lesson on Dec 30 and he was just great! He was friendly, timely, professional, and most of all great with the kids and they came out of the lesson excited about skiing and wanting to do more! He is a great guy to have on your team!!

Our instructor, Dylan Kasch was great. He was very patient with us and made the day very fun and enjoyable. Even though we weren’t ready to come down the mountain on our boards, he used the opportunity for us to eat lunch up on the mountain at the Lakeview restaurant to teach us how to load and unload from the lifts. Getting to share this experience with my kids was priceless.

Our private instructor Collin is AMAZING… Being a business owner myself, employees like him are ASSETS to the company.

James Deathridge and Ryan G. were great.

My wife and I had 2 great lessons with Bob. He is fantastic.

We loved the private lesson with Levi!

The ski class was awesome. It gave me the confidence and the tips to be able to actually ski after trying for 10 winters!!  I owe it all to Ian Hall. Highly recommend him!  Thank you Ian 🙂

The instructors Jess and Brent were great with the kids. Also, the resort is well kept and lots to do.

Our kids had Steve & Shane as instructors and loved both of them. They also let us tag along for a bit and take photos of our kids skiing. Two really great instructors who know how to relate and get the most out of our kids!!

Wonderful coaches and staff. Great ski school management.  Brian Ludlow always very helpful, caring and knowledgeable.

Hannan, the ski coach, wonderful, and careful with our son. Great coach.  For us, the Heavenly children ski school has been the best experience for our son.

Friendly staff, Patti Vath is great!

First time skier and I had a great time! My lesson was great and gave me enough confidence to do a few of the novice runs on my own. Instructor Tim was so friendly and helpful!  Thanks!

Shane Pilkinton is probably the best instructor we’ve ever had. He is a true asset to your company in Lake Tahoe!  We have 5 kids, our oldest is 20 and youngest is 7 and we have never requested a specific instructor until meeting him.  My kids just love him, he’s an amazing teacher!

Tim Kelleher was awesome! Got along great with my kids … gave them the needed attention, patience, and a good person to be around.

Jeff Au was an excellent instructor. He is very nice and attentive to his student’s needs. We loved him so much that we went back for day 2!

Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed my beginner’s lesson with Ian Bruyere. By the end of my first day ever snowboarding I was doing Maggie’s.

It really was Jody, the ski instructor for our 6-year-old, that made our recent experience at Heavenly so amazing. My husband and i felt very strongly that the quality of our daughter’s first ski experience would set her up for life as either loving or hating the sport. Jody provided such an amazingly positive first time skiing for our daughter—she can’t wait to go again! I am so grateful to Jody for instilling in our little one a love of the sport my husband and I so enjoy and providing her with such a positive experience and sense of accomplishment. Jody is truly fantastic!

We had a great experience at Heavenly. The entire experience was great. Lee Lee our ski instructor was fantastic. We are going to Winter Park in February and are sad not to be at Heavenly instead. We are trying to work schedules to possibly come back for Spring Break. Lee Lee is a great ambassador for Heavenly. Most lift operators were friendly and helpful. Most employees had smiles and kind words.

They were paying attention and doing it with great customer service. We cannot say enough about Lee Lee. She is a major part of why we want to come back to Tahoe. Our family has 1 beginner, 1 green and 1 expert skier. She is an incredible instructor, but that is only a part of it. She is encouraging, fun, patient and so much more. Hire a 100 of her and people will not want to go anywhere else.

Our entire AMAZING experience is all thanks to our fantastic instructor Alex Esquivel! It was my 10 year old daughter and my first experience snowboarding so I didn’t have the highest expectations of how much we could possibly learn during our 3 day stay. BUT, after 1 1/2 days of lessons with Alex, we were both staying on our feet, and mastering the basic skills needed to really enjoy ourselves going down the beginner slopes. Alex was very patient, hands on and supportive, and did a great job explaining and demonstrating the different skills we were learning. I was so impressed that I requested Alex for an additional private lesson on our last day of the trip! My daughter was thrilled that she was able to go down an intermediate hill, executing the “S” turn! And Alex was kind enough to videotape this for us! We cannot wait to come back to Heavenly and request Alex for more private lessons! All the staff were friendly and seemed genuinely happy to work at Heavenly!

Brodie Richards was a great instructor. He worked w both my husband and I on our own levels, helping us improve drastically.

The children school instructors are awesome in that they are patient and watch the kids closely.

This was my second time visiting heavenly resort and the staff were friendly, very quick and helpful in everything. Coach Bob Haas was a wonderful coach, definitely had a great time during the intermediate lesson with him! Coming to see him for another intermediate lesson next year! 🙂

I took lessons with Jon Webster. He was awesome and really helpful. The man deserves a raise and bonus. He is just genuinely caring and nice – it made taking lessons that much better.

Very nice polite people in rentals and excellent instructors!

Really great lessons, as always. Myself with Dan and my husband with Ian.

I took a ski lesson with Ian from England- great instructor… best lesson I’ve had and for the first time ever/ I wasn’t stressed about trying to control every aspect of my skiing… my daughter did ski school and my nanny took two lessons as well. I loved the person that stood out front to help direct students to the right flag for lessons and the ski school staff were very professional!

I had a pleasant experience learning with Jake as I was a first timer for the second time. Patsy and Maggies were the perfect slopes for the day and I am excited to come back and try any blue slopes that may actually be light blue 😉 all of the interactions I had with the employees were pleasant as well and the only thing I could complaint about was not getting in one more run before closing time!

Steve Scott is the most outstanding ski instructor I have ever met!

Peter and Ian lead my snowboard lessons and were great. Everyone at the lifts were helpful and friendly

Took a lesson with George (from Austria) and he was awesome. I have taken few ski classes before. But this was the best.

Heavenly Ski School was awesome with the kids! They had two great days with great instructors each day. My daughter snowboards and my son skis and both loved their experience and both progressed over each lesson.

Edward Williams was my group’s ski instructor. He was extremely helpful and patient with my group who was new to skiing. If we ever came back for level 2 ski school, we would love to have him as our instructor!

Wade was an awesome snowboard instructor!

Great teaching and a nice resort.  The class was tremendous. Would highly recommend.

I had an excellent ski instructor Adam Goldstein. He made my first time skiing memorable and really trained me.

I had a great experience. My instructor was great and helpful. I enjoyed the overall trip.

Awesome training for my kids by Johnny Norman & Luba Gubernator. My kids learned so much & their skill levels increased exponentially!  Thank you sooo much!

I took lessons from Ian and Thomas. They were great!

The overall experience was perfect. From the ease of booking to the friendly staff. Olya, my ski instructor was the best! I have been telling all my friends who are weary of skiing to go see her. She is amazing! She was the kindest and most patient person I’ve encounter. She was thorough and was extremely aware of the different levels in her class. Not only was she personable but also an over joy to be around. The techniques she taught me is definitely ones I will be using going forward. She’s a gem and deserves all praise!

Tim my ski instructor was great!

I had one ski lesson over 40 years ago at Mammoth. I took a level 2 lesson and the instructor Mark Morgenstern was excellent for me, as I am frightened of heights so he got on the chair lift with me and later when I fell, he had a very positive and patient attitude toward me. A totally different and positive experience I had compared to Mammoth. I was yelled at when I fell in Mammoth—so I appreciated the positive reinforcement I received from Mark. In the future, I want to take more lessons to further my skills in skiing. I never thought I’d be saying this at my age!

We come to Heavenly every year. We especially like the ski school for children.  The children’s ski school instructors are excellent.

I had lessons with Ivana, and Bob Haas both were professional and knowledgeable.

We enjoyed the ski school instructors a lot – Pedro Juan Carballo, Bill Mellerup, Walter Eagan were all great. They made the experience a good one.  Our son loved Pedro and enjoyed his lessons a lot. Bill was very helpful and patient with Clarke, we appreciate their efforts.

Joe Bill from the ski school was absolutely amazing. Please recognize him.

Richard Jameson my Ski Instructor, Shane my partner’s Ski Instructor and Zoe, who headed up the Kids experience at kids ski school – all were amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed our time as a result of the effort and helpfulness of these amazing people.

Silas was a great Ski School instructor! He did a good job reading the ability of our group and giving us the right pointers to get comfortable quickly

Emily, our instructor, was the best ski instructor I’ve had.

We had an on demand lesson with Emily and she was fantastic. My kids don’t usually like lessons and they were asking for another the next day.

My lesson with Caitlin K. was exactly what I was looking for! She was a great teacher who was super patient and took her time with each of us. She made me feel so comfortable and supported and I would definitely come back to take another lesson from her

My ski instructor, Caitlin, was excellent. She was very supportive and helped me build my confidence.

My snowboard instructor Brodie was great! I attended his half day morning lesson for snowboard beginners, then went with my friends down 4 runs later that day and they were impressed with my ability to keep up! I am telling everyone that the lesson was well worth the money, and I intend to go back for another lesson!

Great experience. Very well organized. Very good ski school instructor (Adam).

Great instructor – great weather – best slopes in Tahoe!

Augustin, Mark, and Pat from the ski school were great!

Amazing snowboarding lessons. Very grateful for Zach, he was my teacher.

We took ski lessons both days that we were there. Caitlin was our coach and she was wonderful, we were both very happy that we took the class.

I had a great time at the ski school and came out with the skills to make it down a few runs. My instructor was great, Kent Kaiser I believe. I had a fun time at the Lodge and they had good food and drinks.

Jay is a great instructor.

Branden was my ski instructor and he was awesome. Very friendly and great at teaching. We had a blast with him! Very impressed.

Bill at the ski school was great.

Great Snow. Excellent instructors and wonderful vibe!

Adam Goldstein was one of my ski instructors, and he was fantastic. Helpful, positive, encouraging, friendly. He deserves a high five and a bonus.

Steve Scott was a wonderful instructor.

Ian is a really good instructor!

My instructor, Evan, made this experience the best! He made me feel as if skiing was in my blood. He taught me everything from scratch. When we got onto a slope, I was very confident I could do it and I did. I’m definitely coming back in March and making it a tradition to come to Heavenly for my skiing!!

Ski instructor Thomas D (Tom) was fab installed in me so much confidence and ease.

Sandra our ski instructor was phenomenal. She was able to meet all our family’s needs being first time skiers. We had kids as young as 3 up to teenagers and she did exceptional balancing everyone’s needs and achieving our objectives from start to finish.

My wife and I took an intermediate lesson with Scott Bell on Feb 7th and were blown away by his teaching style and ability to improve our skills so much in one lesson. He was an incredible instructor.

Richard Jameson. Instructor.  Great at his job and amazing person.

Ian Hall (ski instructor) was excellent!

Thank you Dan! The lesson was super helpful!

Jody Kasch, ski instructor, was outstanding! I have had lessons off and on since the 60’s and have never been able to master parallel turns. Correct, I’m a klutz. However, after just 2 half-day lessons, I have made significant progress for the first time in my life and finally began to feel the true joy of skiing. Her patience, enthusiasm, ability to teach across modalities (visualizations, demonstrations, etc.) makes her a master at her craft. In addition, ALL of the employees at Heavenly were incredibly friendly and helpful. I will be purchasing a season pass next year for the first time in my life. AND, my husband has agreed to start skiing as well.

Private instructor, Ellen Johnson, made the visit for my grandson and daughter in law exceptional!

Our snowboard instructor, Danny, was incredible. He was not only extremely knowledgeable but also very patient. I felt very confident after taking my lesson and can’t wait to get back on a board.

We had an awesome experience at Heavenly. Adam was our instructor for first time skiers and he was knowledgeable, energetic and friendly.

Byron was a great snowboarding instructor. He helped me feel more confident and gain lots of skills during my lesson!!!

I went skiing for the first time in Heavenly and it was one of the best experience! I signed up for the 2PM first time skier and was lucky enough to be the only one in the class. In addition to that, I had Jess, a supervisor, to teach me! He and his staff are all great. Everywhere I went, the staff would greet me and ask if I’m having fun. I will definitely be back! Jess is a great instructor! He is very thorough with his explanations and gives great feedback. No wonder he is a Supervisor and teaches other instructors! I got lucky because I was the only one in the class. I would love to come back and get advanced lessons with him!

Ski instructor George was great.

Our ski instructor Ted was AWESOME! We had a half day private lesson because it was my daughter’s first time, within 2 hours she was skiing down a green run. Ski school director was great too, he was able to assess what we needed and made a great match for us. All the staff at Heavenly were friendly, helpful and our weekend was wonderful. It was our first time but we will definitely return.

Had a blast! Our instructor, Adam, was amazing and patient. He made the lesson fun! Felt very confident hitting the Big Easy after we were done.

I had a ski lesson with Dan Meeks – I have taken many ski lessons over the past 40 years but he was the very best!!

Mark the instructor was very helpful in teaching me to ski. I had tried on my own before and Mark was great!

My teacher was Ian Hall, and he was great – even recognized me four hours later and gave some additional advice.

Ski instructor Evan did a really good job to make me confident enough to ignore the ‘no beginners’ sign.

Pat is really a great instructor, he is funny, knowledgeable and amongst everything, he is really patient.

Ski school staff member Ty looked after our kids for 3 days learning them to ski better, we couldn’t have been more pleased.

Had an amazing instructor for snowboarding lessons (John). Truly made my experience a great one!!!

My adaptive ski instructor Ted Pitcher is an amazing coach.

George Tarrazi gave us an excellent private lesson, gold star for sure.

I had a ski class with Rose Andre. Very sweet, funny, and super helpful. I learned a lot for it to be my first time skiing.

Great ski instructors, especially Phil Carroll and Tim Rankins.

George E. is wonderful. We were glad to see that he was our instructor. He is caring and patient and teaches technique that our family continued to use on the mountain and improve.

MJ (kid ski instructor) was amazing!! So helpful and caring and debriefing was great.

We hired a private instructor (Jill) for 3 days, she was awesome, the best instructor we have ever experienced, and we go skiing once a year, great teaching abilities for kids and adults, able to manage people at different levels at the same time.

Our instructor, Kyle, was WONDERFUL! I’d go back just for the experience we had with him. He was attentive and knowledgeable.

Your instructor Tim Kelleher is an example of excellent customer service. He was awesome, professional and fun. Next time we go we will book him again to be our private instructor.

My four year old had the best day of his life! Bailey was his instructor.

Everyone I encountered was awesome… from the check in guy for the ski lesson, to the guy running the bunny slope lift, to my ski instructors Joe and Emma. To the guys at the gondola… everyone was helpful and nice.

Glen, private ski instructor, was awesome with kids.

Our instructor Ken was very helpful, we were a bit late to the lessons as we had to go from Gondola base to California base due to some issues. He was very patient in getting us ready for the lessons and also helped us get ski poles at the last moment.

Lucas Reed was an excellent instructor, he took a scared new skier, & turned them into a confident, & safe lover of the sport!

Natalie Craven is by far the best instructor we’ve ever had. We’ve been blessed to have her instruct our children every year since 2011

Nathan Chen is amazing!

My private instructor was Shane P. And he was beyond amazing. I can’t describe how comforting, supportive, encouraging and amazing he was at teaching. I can’t wait to come back for more.

My ski instructor Sterling was very helpful and kind. He showed us trails we could ski and how to improve our confidence and skills. We felt safe, comfortable and had a great time.

Chris, the snowboard instructor was very friendly, & knowledgeable. He was patient & cared about us learning as well as being safe.

Private instructor Rachael Richards was wonderful. My two kids enjoyed their lesson and improved greatly. Thank you Rachael!

Dave Schweer, our instructor, made the day really, really great for us.  Dave started with the basics, and patiently coached us with the skills we needed to enjoy ourselves. We worked with him in the morning, took a break and were lucky enough to have him work with us again in the afternoon.  He got us up on the Gunbarrel lift, skied over to Patsy’s and rode the lift back down, which was exactly the experience we needed to have confidence to go out on our own.

Shawn and Natasha my ski instructors were awesome.

Had a great 1-hour lesson with Nate.  He was fantastic, and the $65 lesson charge was a good value.

My snowboard coach Greg is so nice. 100% recommend him.

Ellen Johnson is an amazing instructor. She was absolutely wonderful with my 4 year old son and our almost 4 year old nieces. We love her and it’s a big part of what keeps us coming back to Heavenly.

Bob was a phenomenal teacher with my special needs son. Above and beyond my expectations and deserves to be commended.

Can’t say enough good things about Natalie Craven…she is the best…so knowledgeable, aware and observant, great communication, flexible…and caring. It’s hard for the instructors when you cram too many people into such a small space. She made the best of it, and, as always was AWESOME.

Stacie Cook gave my girlfriend lessons. Stacie is OUTSTANDING!!! We could not have been more pleased with Stacie.

Adaptive ski instructor Glen worked well with my son and was very helpful getting us down the Gondola at the end of the day. Great job!

We booked a snowboarding class with Dev – and he is fantastic. Will book time with him in the future and recommend the same to our friends.

Jody (my U4 instructor) was phenomenal. She was able to teach a lot of skills in a short time and made skiing feel so simple. I did not go into the class expecting to have a great experience, but I definitely did.

Sterling was an awesome instructor!

Had an instructor named Dev who handled very difficult customers really, really well. Wanted to give him props (I took the 2nd timer lesson at 9:30am 2/24). A couple from Texas was just seriously unbearably rude and very aggravating. Our instructor Dev tried his best at providing a positive experience, and they were just terrible and eventually left the lesson early on.

Snowboarding instructor, Oree, made a lasting impression on my three girls and I could hear them repeating his lessons when we went to practice the next day…It wasn’t long after the start of the 2nd day that my girls were off and boarding…They were extra impressed too with how patient, kind and informative he was…they say, “Thank You, Oree!!”

My instructor Bob from Vero Beach made my introduction to skiing so much fun!

Ted Pitcher was a great instructor!

1st time skier. Heavenly has an amazing group of instructors including Rob Easton.

Peter Nocka was an incredibly kind and knowledgeable ski instructor. It was a pleasure to learn from him.

Snowboard instructor, Marius was especially great to work with. He took time to explain everything and also made sure to redirect others in the lesson to appropriate levels so that all in the lesson could progress efficiently.

Vic provided an excellent on-demand lesson! In such a short time he got my husband feeling much more confident and he was able to enjoy the trip even more.

Our ski instructor Evan was an amazing teacher. If I was to take another lesson it would be with him.

Josh, our sons snowboard instructor was great, our son had a great time with him. Everyone at the daycare was amazing with our younger son. The people all over the mountain were so friendly and helpful. Everything was positive.

We had private lessons with Jimmy and our entire family loved him.

Took a lesson with Steve and he was outstanding. That was probably the highlight of my trip.

Kid’s private lesson with Klaus was great. Instructor knew what the kids were capable of and pushed them the right amount. It was good that he wasn’t too conservative. It was the kid’s second time on skis and we were impressed that the kids were able to go down Maggie’s. The instruction was top rate which in turn gave them much confidence!

The classes and the teacher (Austin Scott) were amazing. Although we had some bad weather – did not come in the way of enjoying the amazing Heavenly.

Brodie Richards was an awesome snowboard instructor!

Our ski instructor Greg Lyons is very patient. He is able to give useful suggestions to improve my ski technique.

Our private instructor, Lee Lee, was very good.

Adam was my level 2 ski lesson instructor. He was awesome! Very patient and helpful.

Best time ever!! Instructor Rose was great too!!

Ian B. (I think that was his name) was my second timer lesson instructor, he gave very specific tips for each student, very friendly and helpful.

Dylan Kasch was the reason we were able to snow board while we were out there. What a great instructor. On our first day he did a great job teaching my wife and I the basics so we felt comfortable going out there and have fun. He was very good at explaining the technical stuff.  He was just great!

My ski instructor Rose was the best. She gave me great tips and my confidence in skiing for sure is way bigger now 🙂 Can’t wait to get another class and hopefully she’ll be the instructor.

I took a private lesson from Jody Kasch. She is a very good teacher. I learned a lot from the lesson.

Ryan Goralski needs a raise. He’s an amazing instructor. Feel free to talk to me if you want more information.

Catherine Rose was a great instructor!!!

My ski instructor, Jim was very helpful, encouraging and extremely patient. Skiing for the second time was more pleasant after taking a lesson with him.

Glen private ski instructor was awesome. Very patient and friendly.

Instructor Philip was great!

Bob was so helpful- it had been a 10+ years since I had skied, and he helped me regain my ski legs before my class. Thanks to him, my class was able to go up the mountain.

Our Teacher Kristen was excellent, did a very good job, we loved it!  Will definitely come back for more lessons.

Pat was my ski instructor on 3/11/18. He was great!! Very patient, yet challenged me to go outside my comfort zone. Thank you!

Had a very good lesson with Dennis Thorne, wide range of abilities in group meant I didn’t find it very challenging but Dennis worked hard to give me a worthwhile lesson.

Andy, our ski instructor was the best!

I took a lesson with Steve Grand and if for no other reason I’ll come back because of him! He was absolutely fantastic. I also loved the mountain, the views, the number and variety of runs, the facilities, and your employees. And I’ll definitely be back to take more lessons with Steve. Thank you.

We had a good experience with Collin (snowboard instructor), Adam Goldstein and Eric Friedman (ski instructors).

Instructors were awesome. Mark and Valerie for skiing and Steve for snowboarding. We had a great experience.

Our family and friends had a great time and my lesson with Erik was superb!

I did adaptive skiing with Lopaka as my primary instructor and Eddie as his backup. They were awesome!!!!