All SRS employees are required to fill out a time card every day they work and submit it before they leave for the day. The time card is signed by you and a supervisor, then submitted to a pay assistant to enter the pay into the payroll system.

Checking Pay

It is strongly encouraged that you check your pay on a regular basis (if not daily) so that any errors can be brought to the attention of your supervisor as soon as possible. Whilst the supervisors, pay assistants, and payroll admins do everything they can to ensure the pay entered is accurate, it is crucial that you also check your pay to ensure everything is correct.

Pay Periods

A pay period consists of two consecutive pay weeks. The pay week begins at 12:00 am on Saturday and ends at 11:59 pm on Friday. All pay must be entered correctly and in full by the end of the pay period so that you are paid on time for your work. The pay periods are shown on the Events Calendar.


Instructors can pick up their paychecks with Ski School Admin on payday (the Friday following the end of the pay period) after 3:00 pm, either at Space 41 (GA & GK coaches) or Cal Kids (all others). Checks will not be issued prior to 3:00 pm on payday. Pay days are shown on the Events Calendar.

Pay Issues

For immediate assistance correcting a payroll error contact your supervisor as soon as possible. For any other payroll questions, reach out to Taylor Garland or Amy Rice.

Additional Resources

You may find you need a supplemental payroll form at some point throughout the season. Feel free to print one out from below, or pick one up at any SRS base location.

Sick Pay Request Form

Pay Adjustment Form

Mileage Reimbursement Form

Certification Evaluation Reimbursement Form