Details About the Pay Structure

The aim of the pay structure is to pay everybody fairly, encourage people to work their way up the PSIA/AASI system, and reward you for bringing guests back to your lessons.

Base Pay

All instructors are paid on an hourly basis. For any work that involves teaching, you will be paid your teaching rate plus any additional pay and incentives that apply.

Certification Level Starting Base Rate
Level One$21.00
Level Two $23.00
Level Three or equivalent$27.00
PSIA/AASI Educators $29.00
National Demo Team Members $35.00

Instructors with certifications in both skiing and snowboarding will receive a $1.00 increase in their base rate.

Additional Pay

Additional Pay Rate
Full Day Headcount $4.00 /person
Half Day Headcount$2.00 /person
Firecracker / Blaster Full Day$10.00 / day
Firecracker / Blaster Half Day $5.00 / day
Returner$2.00 / person
Upgrade$8.00 / person
Language/ Adaptive$8.00 / hour
Private Request$8.00 / hour
Private Incentive Increase- After 25 Hours $1.00 / hour

Returner Pay

Returner pay is earned by an instructor for each guest that returns for an additional lesson with the same instructor the day following the first lesson. You will be paid $2.00 per return guest. This is paid when a guest books a multi-day package at the start of their visit and want to return to your group the following day.

Return Guests

  • A guest comes back for an additional lesson the following day and the instructor teaches that guest.
  • A guest returns to the instructor the following day but, in the best interest of the guest, the instructor or supervisor moves the guest to a more appropriate lesson level.
  • The instructor is scheduled, meets and greets their guest, and is willing to work, but their guest is combined into another group by the supervisor.
  • A guest returns to the instructor the following day but the instructor cannot teach the guest because the instructor is scheduled on a season-long special program (D-Team, Comets, etc.).

Non-Return Guests

  • The instructor is scheduled off or requests not to work before the class organization process has taken place.
  • The guest is in a lesson where the guests pay for a recurring lesson (D-Team, Comets, UK kids, etc.)
  • Guest’s name is not on that day or the previous day’s class list.
  • The instructor did not turn in an Epic Mix Academy Report Card the previous day and/or does not turn one in the day of the return.
  • The instructor moved to another product at the instructor’s request (e.g. converting a guest to a private lesson, instructor elects to teach a different level or discipline).
  • The guest returns to another type of lesson.
  • The guest specifically asks to go with a different instructor.

Upgrade Pay

An upgrade guest took a group lesson and as result of your teaching booked an additional lesson at some point during the subsequent 3 days they didn’t plan to before your lesson. You will receive $8.00 per upgrade guest per day.

Language / Adaptive Pay

You will be paid an additional $8 per hour for teaching an adaptive private lesson or a private lesson taught primarily in a foreign language.

Private Lesson Request Incentive Pay

Any time you are requested to teach a private lesson, either by name or a physical description, you will receive an additional $8.00 per hour. This rate will increase $1.00 for every 25 hours of request private you teach. It resets back to $8.00 per hour each season.

Traveling Privates

Private lessons may be taught at either Northstar or Kirkwood if requested by the guest and only with at least 24 hours notice and approval from a supervisor. They will have to pay an additional traveling fee, and you will be paid for your travel time between Heavenly and Northstar or Kirkwood. You will need to record this time on your timecard.

If you drive your own vehicle you may also claim mileage between Heavenly and Northstar or Kirkwood at the regular company reimbursement rate. You may not drive your guest in your own car.

California Sick Pay

If you are employed in California (based out of Cal Lodge or the Gondola) and have worked for the company for greater than 90 days, you qualify for California Sick Pay. The more you work, the more sick pay hours you accrue. If you fill out a form requesting more hours than you have accrued, you will be paid the max amount that you have. If you have any questions, please reach out to your manager.

Certification Reimbursement

If you successfully attain a certification (Ski or Snowboard Levels 1, 2, & 3) or certain accreditations (Children’s Specialist 1 & 2) while working with us, we’ll reimburse the cost of the exam.

It is your responsibility to notify SRS of the change. To do so, complete the Certification Evaluation & Reimbursement Form, provide a copy of the certification or accreditation and an invoice for the cost, and submit it to Cal Kids SRS Admin.

All reimbursements will be paid out in the pay period they were submitted, except for Level 1 certifications (ski and snowboard) that were passed after President’s Day. Those will be reimbursed upon return to SRS the following season.

If the certification merits a pay increase, it will occur on the first day of the pay period in which this process is completed; no back pay will be given for certification increases. Instructors that notify SRS of a change in certification prior to one month after the end of the season will receive the increase in addition to any applicable merit increases upon returning the following season. After that you’ll just receive the certification increase upon your return.