New Hires

Welcome! Once all your onboarding paperwork is done, there are some trainings you’ll need to complete before you can work:

  • New Hire Orientation: An introduction to the resort, our core values, and Vail Resorts as a whole.
  • Department Training: An introduction to Ski & Ride School, Epic Service Training, our rules, pay structure, culture, time and report cards, and a chance to ask any pressing questions you might have.
  • On-Snow Training: A week long daily training on safety, best practices, routes, etc. *Note* This training is meant for employees who will be working on-snow.
  • Online Quizzes: General Safety & Slope Safety
  • Digital Versions Available: Epic Service Training & New Hire Orientation
spatial awareness photo
What’s happening in this photo?

While in training, we ask that you be engaged at all times. A good guide is to follow the Spatial Awareness Model. It requires that you:

  • Look & Listen: Train our eyes and ears to capture more information.
  • Think: Train our brains to process that information more efficiently.
  • Act: Train our nervous system to make the most effective moves more quickly.

Want some good early reading to get you ready for New Hire Training this season? Check out this article on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

We also have a bunch of YouTube video that teach you how to access your timecard, theLift, and much more!

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