First of all, welcome back for the 2019/2020 winter season! We’re happy to have you back.

Welcome Backs

We’re offering three Welcome Back dates this season, November 4th, 9th, and 13th, 2019.

Equipment Safety Test

All skis, boards, boots and bindings must be tested for safety prior to starting work. SRS Admin has Equipment Testing Vouchers (up to 2 each) that can be used to test the equipment you will be using for your job. New skis or skis never tested before will be tested at the repair shop, snowboards, tele-skis, and skis inspected before will be tested in-house. Forms for that will be available in the SRS Admin office starting November 1st. Once your equipment has passed, bring the form to SRS Admin and we will issue a 2019/2020 Safety sticker to be placed near the footing.

Online Safety Test

Once this is online, you can complete it any time before your first day of work. You will use your EpicEmployee email address to log-in to the LIFT, which is Vail Resorts’ online educational platform.


Uniforms will be available to pick up in the Employee Center, on the 2nd floor of the California Main Lodge. Sizes are kept in our system from the previous year; if you need other sizing, please let the staff in the Employee Center know and they will help you. You will be eligible for a new helmet provided by Heavenly every two years. SRS Admin can issue a helmet voucher. Otherwise, feel free to use your own helmet.

Name Tags

SRS Admin does not auto-order nametags after your first season. If you need a new name tag, please complete this form to request one. The form works best in Internet Explorer. Also have your email open to send to the form to the sign shop.


You will need to choose one single locker out of your home location. Once an empty, nameless locker is chosen, you will put your name inside the pocket attached to the outside of the locker. You will then register the locker to your name by scanning the QR Code in the locker room, where it will give you a link to a short form online to fill out.