Guest Comments 19/20

Here are some of the positive comments received from our guests about their Ski & Ride School experience during the 19/20 season! Enjoy!

Ivanna and Roy were excellent instructors!”

“I took a snowboarding lesson with Victoria Lynn and she was excellent. She was patient and took the time to teach me the basics before moving on next in the lesson. Overall great experience!”

Ian Hall was an outstanding ski instructor-knowledgeable, expert, but very much aware of his students’ capabilities and goals.”

Jack, an instructor for our 9 and 11 year old boys (beginner level), and Dimity Wanag, with our 6 year old daughter, were amazing with them.

“The instructor for my son’s ski lesson was fantastic! My son had so much fun!”

“My instructor Brody Richards was incredible. He taught me how to turn and gave me things I could practice on my own.”

“We has a great time. Tim Kelleher was a tremendous guide and made us very welcome.”

Jody Kasch was great. Our family learned to ski!”

“We had Andy as an instructor for a group lesson, he was incredible!!!! Best teacher ever!!!!!”

“Our ski instructor Trish was excellent!”

Paul from Sevenoaks UK was the best coach I could ever imagine for a first timer. Even better than I imagined. Really patient and great at getting me on the slopes.”

“My son’s ski school teacher, Fermin, did a great job in teaching my son. My son loved ski school and is excited to ski again as soon as possible. Including a photograph of my child with the lesson was so appreciated.”

“My kid’s instructor was fantastic!”

“My 8 year old took lessons on 2 different days (12/24 and 12/26). She has Nataly as her ski instructor in the afternoon on the 24th and Marshall on the 26th. They were both great and my daughter had a great experience.”

Megan and Ingrid at Boulder were AMAZING with our kids in ski school. Megan helped both days with their ski school. She was absolutely incredible. Both of our kids loved her and keep talking about seeing her next year.”

Stacie was very helpful and provided useful tips.”

Mandy, the private lesson instructor was awesome.”

Jonah was an excellent instructor for our child’s ski lesson.”

“Our instructor Jill was amazing for teaching our family how to ski and we now have amazing memories. We look forward to booking with her next year.”

“We took private skiing classes with Marlin Sill. He was a fantastic instructor, bilingual (English – Spanish, which made my family more comfortable since we are native Spanish speakers), excellent with the kids (we have 3, in different ages; 12,9,and 5), and very patient with the adults who have less abilities for skiing. He made our vacation better and our time at Heavenly was wonderful in great deal thanks to him.”

Erik, my son’s and my ski instructor, was FANTASTIC! Very friendly, personable, and helpful during our lesson.”

Sherri, our ski instructor was very helpful and was very patient with my son while teaching him to ski.”

Bo Outland gave private lessons to my daughter and is an absolutely amazing pro – her patience and professionalism with my daughter are what truly made this the amazing experience it was.”

“Had a great experience with our ski teacher, Cameron. He was great and was able to get my son to enjoy skiing again.”

“My son and his best friend love coach Matt, my son learned so fast, he can snowboard pretty good after 2nd day of lesson. We had so much fun and good memory for our vacation first time in Lake Tahoe.”

Ash Hickson was an amazing instructor, really felt like I gained a lot of crucial essential foundation techniques from him during our 2 days together. He was always enthusiastic, kept the lessons engaging (I never felt the tiredness at all) and was very very hospitable.”

“We took an all-day family lesson with Daniel Horn on our first day at Heavenly. He was awesome and met all of our goals and expectations for the lessons. The improvements he produced in my niece were incredible (she would have held us back for days 2-5, but instead she was able to keep up no problem). He improved the skiing of all of the rest of us and taught us the mountain making sure we were on appropriate trails and providing advice for future trails during our trip. He also let us text him for general advice about the area. He was an excellent ambassador for Heavenly and South Lake Tahoe.”

Andy, our instructor, made the whole experience fun and informative. He was very personable and easy to get along with. As a beginner skier, we had no knowledge of the sport. Andy was very patient with all members of our team. He broke down the process step by step and by the end of the day we were skiing down some moderate hills. Great instructor.”

“My partner and I both had incredible experiences with Heidi, Glen, and Erik. Heidi also gave my partner great local tips and pointed us to a great boot fitter because we were both experiencing boot issues – we really appreciated her help! I also really appreciated how genuine and fun all the instructors are, definitely a great experience overall.”

“We had a private ski lesson with an instructor named Cameron, he was a local from South Lake Tahoe and really managed the class really well. We had three adults all beginners and a 4 year old child was also a beginner. He was great with all of us and especially with the child. Instructors like him should always be available for private lessons when there is a child involved. Please show him this review.”

Doug, my ski instructor, was awesome. Great value for the lesson. Learned a ton!”

“Snowboard instructor Victoria Lynn, A+ in my book. Well worth it. Very positive and patient with my family. Very personable and willing to do what she could to make our day and my daughter’s birthday a day to remember. I hope she is well taken care of by the resort. If this letter makes it to her attention, I’d like to say “mahalo nui loa” Victoria!!”

“Nice mountain and great ski school, it’s AAA+. Francisco got my boy turning and stopping in 1 full day lesson. Thanks ya’ll!”

“Instructor Jack was great both days.”

“Had a fantastic trip! The Heavenly staff itself is exceptional. Our ski instructor Walter was amazingly helpful, and made the afternoon of our first day, and our second day, that much better!”

“Bo Outland is such a great ski instructor!”

“My 4 year old had an overall good experience at ski school with Delfina. Great with my kids, patient, and my 4 year old had fun.”

“My son’s teacher, Sarah Halperin, was amazing. My son’s dad committed suicide a couple years back. We always talked about how he wanted to teach our son to ski-as his dad was on the Douglas High School ski team and was very skilled. It was emotional for me to see that not happen-but his teacher was the sweetest to him. She has no idea of our situation-and was overly wonderful to him… and me.”

“Excellent slopes and very attentive staff. Professor Steven very qualified!”

Brian Ludlow, from California Lodge ski school was very helpful and accommodating. He has a wonderful personality and he goes above and beyond to make children and parents happy and safe. Thank you so much, Brian!”

“The 2 coaches my son has skied with have been absolutely amazing. David Caputo and Gavin Lynch were always very careful and gave our son the best advice.”

“Our instructor Robin Barnes was exceptional! She is so talented and great with families. Can’t recommend her enough!! The best!!”

Greg Lyons is an excellent instructor!”

Coach Lee Lee Wright and Lakota Wright made a huge difference impacting our experience here at Heavenly. We all enjoyed learning from them and felt extremely lucky to be able to book the private lessons with them. Referred by an old pal of mine, and still it went far beyond our expectation. And that’s the reason why we went right back the following weekend after we spent four full days skiing with both coach Wrights. We are coming right back again and I will bring my cousin’s family. Also, I have informed my manager’s manager at work how great our trips were and the big boss is going to start skiing at Heavenly soon!!!”

“Our snowboard instructor Danny and his son Ash were the best! They helped us feel comfortable with the whole experience and were great coaches when it came to learning a brand new sport for the whole family. We look forward to coming back to work with both of them again.”

Tim was great as a snowboarder instructor for Ayden and Josh.”

Josiah in the ski school was absolutely phenomenal. My kids loved him and he was as excited as we were about our kids’ ski progress with him!”

“Full day private lesson with Lee Lee was awesome!!!”

Justin Peverini was a remarkable instructor. He was super helpful, patient, and amazing at teaching. He always knew exactly what was wrong with our form and was able to concisely articulate how we could improve, uniquely to each student. Thanks to him, I was really able to pick up heel side snowboarding. Next time I go back, I’ll request him again.”

Connor Jones was a great snowboarding instructor; has a great, positive demeanor and listened to our needs.”

“I go there about 30 days per season! You have the perfect combination of terrain, view, and some of the best instructors within Vail. Every time I want to explore different parts of the mountain Tad Dawson always delivers. The ski school team is awesome. Ty and Ed and the instructors are an awesome team!”

Roy Ranne, our ski instructor, was excellent!!”

“Ski instructor Paulette was AWESOME!”

“I took a lesson with Bill Rothrock, and I felt much more confident on the slopes afterward. Thanks, Bill!”

“Had an amazing Ultimate 4 lesson with Moire Breslin at the Gondola! Will definitely request my next lesson with Moire!”

“My instructor Dennis Poarch was fantastic, so thoughtful and patient whilst teaching me.”

“I wanted to write in and say THANK YOU TO COACH GUY. My daughter was in ski week for Bijou School a couple of weeks ago. She loved Coach Guy and snowboarding and could not stop talking about it and now she always wants to go snowboarding. Coach Guy was very energetic and very patient and helpful with the beginning snowboard class. It was nice to see a coach who really engaged and cared for the kids. Thank you so much Coach Guy and Heavenly for a great experience!”

“Our kids are in the SOS program through school. Yesterday I had a last minute opportunity to ride at your resort with them on SOS day. I was nervous that I would need to hang back and watch from a distance so as to not interfere with the instructors working. When my kids introduced me to their coaches and told them I was staying today, Byron and Klaus made me feel welcome to stay and ride with the group. I spent the entire day riding with their class. At no point did I feel like a nuisance or bother. I asked lots of logistical questions on the lift rides and never got the feeling that I was annoying them. I feel so blessed and grateful to have spent the day watching my children’s progression and participating with them in their experience. My daughter had Byron as an instructor a few years ago and spoke highly of him. She was happy to see him again as her SOS coach. I found him to be patient, kind, encouraging, dedicated to his students, a very capable leader, and a strong rider. Additionally, he is warm and reassuring to the group. My son Ma’Kai came home excited the first day of SOS to have Klaus coaching. Ma’Kai is a thrill seeker and outwardly more brave than his sister. He is the kid flying down our steep hill at home on his bike and skateboard. He is known as a crazy kid in our neighborhood and, often to my chagrin, he isn’t safety oriented in his endeavors. He is very in the moment and loves to have fun. Riding with Klaus I understood why Ma’Kai enjoyed his coaching. Klaus really makes the riding adventure fun! He does an excellent job of keeping things fresh with options to try new things, like jumping and checking out the park. I think his enthusiasm for the sport inspires young groms, like my son, to push forward bravely. He encouraged all of the kids to try new skills and check out new runs. As a parent I was impressed at their team leadership approach. They communicated seemingly effortlessly to keep group goals and personal safety a priority. The group purposefully split a few times and reconnected again without issue. They were situationally aware and met all time goals for the program. The two did a great job of setting expectations, explaining clearly meetup points to keep the group together, and helping the group feel safe and supported in their endeavors. They made it clear they were out there to serve the kids and facilitate success. It made my heart happy ❤. Having worked in customer service for most of my adult life I understand the challenges, albeit in a different context. People are quick to point out the bad but the great is often not recognized or rewarded. I don’t write to complain I just stop patronizing places that suck, but I will write to send kudos when due. Please appreciate your employees Byron and Klaus as they provide superior guest service and make your resort a better place with their work ethic and dedication to their roles. Pass on a sincere thank you from me! “

“Sending a large compliment to Natalie from Argentina. After the class, my son, Ryan, said “Mom can Natalie be my second Mom?”!! She had the patience and energy to handle a very energetic 7 year old…who is a lot to handle!! Thank you!! He will miss you!!”

“We had the most wonderful experience @ the Heavenly Ski/Snowboard School (Boulder Location). I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful instructors that taught my girls (6 & 8 year old). We were there during MLK Holiday and President’s Weekend. We’ve been to many other ski/snowboarding schools but none were like the one we experienced @ Heavenly! Caylee & Mikayla learned to ski & snowboard because of the patience & phenomenal teaching these instructors had. More importantly, they made it so fun for my girls. I didn’t think they would last for the day but they did and wanted more! I want to give special thanks and acknowledgment to Jason, the awesome snowboarder instructor who spent lots of time with my daughter, Mikayla. She couldn’t stop talking about him & how great he was! And to Kylee too who spent a lot of time with her too – Caylee took skiing with Ingrid, Megan and Mr. Jon. And she’s able to come down the slopes on her own because of them! Thank you Heavenly Ski School!”

“The adults skiing instructor George was absolutely wonderful. When I come back I would like to get him to instruct me again.”

“Our ski instructor Mili was great! “

Greg Lyons did an amazing job in our private ski lessons. While teaching my 4 year old how to ski as well as my brother in law he was also able to give me a refresher. Super attentive and able to give clear coaching instructions.”

“Our instructor, Greg Lyons, was the best! He was friendly, helpful, safe, and in tune with our comfort level. “

“We had Adam Goldstein as a private instructor and he was great. Very good with our kids.”

George, who did my lesson, was awesome. Great knowledge, personality and patience. I’m 52 and was a first time skier. I saw him the next day and we talked for a while. Great person. “

“Our kids’ ski school instructor was fantastic! They loved her. I believe her name was Micaela.”

Jasmine was so great in helping solve a problem my son was having in ski school. She also helped me solve a problem I had with my own lesson. She went way out of her way to do that.”

Ash was an amazing instructor. He made the experience so incredible for us and for our kids. They trusted and liked him. We would recommend him to anybody that wants to take lessons.”

“Boulder ski school was great with excellent with pleasant staff. Sandra and Celi were fantastic instructors! My daughter was able to get to the 5th level in 3 days without any prior skiing experience. Will be back next year. “

Seth Witthaus at your ski school gave my son and I a private snowboarding lesson. It was our first time on snow and snowboarding. He was FANTASTIC. Very informative and supportive. He made the experience fun and we learned a ton! He clearly has a bright future ahead of him and is a model employee. A++ “

“Your snowboard instructors were great! Jay Patel and Luba taught both my son and daughter snowboarding. Both were amazing. My kids were crying as we were driving away because they wouldn’t see their coaches for at least a year. “

“I had an awesome private lesson with Jimmy!

Rick Raleigh was awesome for my son, Hayden. Made him excited about skiing when it is his “least favorite sport” “

Zeke was our Private lesson instructor and took the time to relate to our children and their abilities. “

Tomas T was my son’s ski school instructor – he was fantastic! This was the first time I was able to pick up my son and go ski a few runs with him – soooo exciting!!!”

“We loved our lesson with Ash at the gondola. Great experience! “

“Had a lesson with Bill Mellerup who was awesome. “

“I loved my ski instructor Trish! She was great! “

Steve Scott, Kevin Killeen and Walter Eagan are all top quality coaches. This year I took lesson with Steve only but other years I have had lesson from Kevin and Walter. Superb. “

Angelica (Jelly) and Tim were incredible during my snowboard lesson! “

Kyle from Castro Valley, CA is a great instructor. It was my sons first time and had been 21 years since I had skied. “

Nate Chen was exceptional instructor! “

“Our instructor, “Jelly” was wonderful! She’s a huge assist to your company! “

“My ski instructor, Steve from ATL, was really great. He patient and willing to meet me where I was, yet also willing to challenge me to challenge myself for growth. I learned a lot of great tips and I felt much more confident and ready to tackle my next few days of skiing after our group lesson. Thank you, Steve! Keep being awesome! 🙂 “

“Great slopes and wonderful ski instructor Ellen Johnson.”

“Our daughter has been ski school at many locations and she said this was her favorite day ever. Her instructor was Ana banana and she adored her. “

“I would like to say Megan in the beginner class was great. My son was very scared but she assured him he would have fun and that he would learn a lot. My son really enjoyed her as I did from watching from a distance. She was aware of her class all the kids in it and made sure each one has ample time with her. She did a great job!!”

Jody was a great teacher. “

“Our daughter took lessons with Roy, a ski instructor at Heavenly. He was awesome with our daughter and our whole family. We would definitely work with him again, and he helped make our time at Heavenly highly enjoyable. Thank you, Roy!”

“Our instructor was Tim. He is the greatest. We were a family with kids who had never seen snow. We were needy and Tim catered to our every need. We didn’t even know we were learning, we were just skiing! All thanks to Tim! He’s the guy who works with the snowboard team. “

“Ski instructor Brodie was excellent and very informative. “

“My instructor on 1/22, Mike was friendly and so helpful. He completely used the 2-1/2 hours of instruction to help me learn, practice, improve, and develop confidence. “

“I had a snowboarding lesson with John from South Africa. He was a great teacher and made me feel extremely comfortable on the snowboard. He helped me with the basics and expand my comfort level. When I return to Heavenly I will be taking more lessons with him. “

“We had a total of 7 children, ages ranging from 7-13, who took either snowboard or ski lessons for the first time. They all had a great time. Jones in particular was absolutely wonderful. One of the older kids was injured on the slope and Connor called to check on him the next morning. He really went above and beyond. Great job! “

“Had a lesson with Russ Snow, he was great! Tons of fun, managed a difficult group with ease- and I learned a ton. “

Joaquin I from Argentina my coach was awesome. He truly made my experience so worth it. He constantly encouraged us and showed us so much. He went above and beyond to make sure we understood and help us work on getting down the slopes. Please give him my sincere thanks for being such a great trainer and motivator. “

“Ski school was great and our instructor, Zeke, was extremely nice and helpful. I forget his name but the teacher from Hawaii was also great!”

Byron is a fantastic kid’s snowboard instructor. We all thought he was patient and attentive.”