Priority is a point system SRS uses to objectivelty determine who works when it is quieter. The idea is to have those coaches who bring in the most business work first on quieter days. The overall goal being to maximize the amount of work for the Ski and Ride School as a whole.

It is important to note that your place on the priority list does not determine what type fo class you teach, merely that you will be offered work first on any given day. You may teach a beginner class while someone lower than you on the list may teach an intermediate class.

Why have a priority system?

The goal of the priority system is to take the guesswork and favoritism out of assigning lessons on a day to day basis. It is used to schedule people so that if someone is on the schedule for the day, they will more than likely be working.

The broad philosophy behind priority is to maximize the number of lessons taught by SRS as a whole throughout the season. If a coach brings back more guests then that coach will end up working more and as a result there will be more coaches working overall. However, sometimes a guest may be better served by a coach other than the one highest on the list. To provide the best lesson possible, and to improve the chance of bringing that individual guest back sometimes the priority list will be superseded.

Priority calculation

(primary cert x 6) + (secondary cert x 2) + request hours + upgrades + (trainer hours ÷ 2) + (volunteer training hours ÷ 6) = Priority Points

Priority is calculated at the end of each pay period. At the beginning of the season, the list from the end of the previous season will be used to determine priority for returning coaches and priority for new hire instructors will be based on their certification level. Holiday help coaches are calculated separately from full and part time coaches since they work far less often. Holiday help instructors are always lower on the list than full and part time instructors.

How do I work my way up the priority list?

The best way to work your way up the priority list is to increase the number of guests you bring back the next day by teaching a great lesson. If you are requested for a private lesson or have 2 or more upgrades for the next day you will be working, regardless of your position on the priority list.

When teaching groups, by starting out with first timers on the first day of your work week and following that group throughout the week, your chances of bringing people back will improve. When teaching privates, you should take control of your own schedule and encourage your regular guests to return during quiet periods.

There is no formula for teaching a great lesson; it will vary from guest to guest. We don’t want or need you to be a used car salesperson–too often we end up teaching the guest what we think they want to do and they do not return. It is up to the coach to build a relationship with their guest, listen to them and find out what they really want to do so they’re more likely to come back for another lesson.

What is not included?

There are many aspects of a coach’s profile which do not impact how many people come back to lessons. Many of these things are strongly valued by the SRS, but are not included in the priority calculation. These things include:

  • How long a coach has taught
  • Ability to teach in multiple languages
  • Willingness to teach both kid’s and adult lessons
  • Accreditations including Children’s Specialist, Freestyle, etc. 

Even though these things aren’t included in priority, they are rewarded in other ways. Longevity at Heavenly is rewarded with merit based pay increases each year. Private lessons taught in a foreign language get an additional $8/hour during the lesson. Willingness to teach all guests, regardless of age, gives you more opportunities to work and earn more overall.