The focus of the Ski & Ride School Training Department is to elevate the experience for our guests by influencing our staff to share their passion of snowsports by pursuing certification, inviting them to participate in ongoing education, and encouraging them to improve their skills overall.

Everyone interested in pursuing certification, accreditation, and continuing education should familiarize themselves with, which has abundant resources to help you on your path. They’re active on social media too!

Certification Pathways & Study Guides

Exam and Event Calendar

The PSIA/AASI Event Calendar is a great resource for you to help plan your season if you are intending to pursue a certification or accreditation.

Once you are a member of PSIA/AASI, you can register for any of the events listed. We also have the ability to bring examiners here to Heavenly to administer exams of our choosing. These exams need to be scheduled in advance by the Training Manager, and it requires a minimum number of people to commit, as well as a down payment to schedule the event.

We also reimburse certain exams. You can find more information on that here.

Become a Member of PSIA/AASI

Park Passes

Park Passes allow you to take your guests into the park with permission from your supervisor. They are specific to Vail Resorts, and require both a written and practical exam to be passed.

We will be offering Park Pass Certifications throughout the season. Stay tuned for dates!