Guest Comments 20/21

Shawn is a great teacher and he guided us through everything very well. Very helpful and nice.
Great conversation too.

Snow board instructors Danny and Steve L were amazing!!!

Getting to ski with a veteran like instructor Steve was worth the trip. Keep up the great hires!!

The instructor George from Switzerland is the best! A lot of patience, he explains and teaches
in a very simple and easy way … the best instructor that I have ever had in ski classes

Peter our instructor was awesome! He was very patient with my son who initially had issues
with the boots. He redid the entire routine so that he bound catch up. Your helpfulness and
great service did not go unnoticed and he wants to come back to Heavenly because of you.

Sandra did lessons with our kids and a couple adults and she was so great with all of us. She
was so attentive and the kids learned so much with her instruction.

Our instructor Bill is awesome.

Bill our ski instructor was incredibly kind, very patient and easy to learn from! We would come
back just to hang out with him and his awesome presence while we skied. He is a phenomenal
representation of Heavenly. He is truly passionate about his job and it made our experience so
worthwhile. Bill MADE OUR experience that much more special and he deserves to know that!
Bill! Absolutely incredible and again, please remind him how great he was!

Great ski instruction/lesson with Richard – mindful, cautious, and friendly.

I must begin by stating that our private instructor Mr. Mike was AMAZING! He was definitely
the best part of the experience. My family of 5 are all beginners and he really took the time to
instruct each one of us. Not only did he make a great impression on my husband and I but our
3 boys (ages 5, 7 and 10) had a blast! He not only thought us all the basics but got us on patsy!
Not bad for our first time! THANKS TO MR. MIKE! We will definitely be back again.

Instructors Tim and Walter were experts and very professional. Very patient and
knowledgeable, calm and professional.

We had a lesson and being first timers we were worried about being the new people
around…but our instructor, Michael (not sure of his last name but also works in Chili) was top
notch he was able to teach our group of 6 and got everyone on the skis without any issues.
He’s a teaching bad [DELETED] he taught the entire group and was also able to give one on one
time with each person. We also ran into him the following day while out and he stopped and
spoke and gave advice on which runs to take. Overall great guy when returning and getting
another lesson we will def request him!

John D’Aintree and Ivana Burkett… Both were awesome instructors!!

The Ski School staff, including Savannah and Joe, were amazing. Very much appreciated their
attention to detail and making a great experience for my kids!

Coach Jake was exceptional with the kids on 2/6/21

On the lessons side, Bob Galina was a 10 out of 10 as an instructor!!! He was incredibly
patient, knowledgeable and had an amazing “zen like” manner in imparting his years of
experience to each of his learners – none of who were at the same level. Very pleased with
Bob Galina, he is an A+++ as an instructor!

Everyone was very friendly especially my instructor Bill.

Micah our snowboard teacher was great and friendly!

Had a ski lesson with Rex Krieg who was excellent.

My own instructor, Ryan was accommodating, respectful, patient, and knowledgeable. It
would be great if every instructor were like him.

Had a great private lessons with Daniel Horne.

Everyone was so kind and fantastic. Our instructor Mark was great as well!

My Ski Instructor Michael Rogan was the Best! Very professional, thoughtful, knowledgeable,
personable and a great instructor. I am signing up for more lessons.

The ski instructor, George E. was amazing and I loved how much I learned. Thank you. saved

Our private ski instructor Richard is the best.

I loved our snowboard instructor Shawn! Amazing!

Our ski instructor Lou was very respectful and patient with us through our lesson.

Jess Anderson was such an amazing instructor and he helped me get over many fears after
being in a terrible accident. He really went above and beyond. He was so detailed and helped
me become a much safer and stronger skier and I will forever be grateful!

Hal was an amazing ski instructor! I made a lot of progress and felt I got my money’s worth.

My son’s snowboard instructor was great! I think his name was Julian (?) I saw the biggest
improvement in my son’s skills last Saturday!

Heidi Ettlinger is a gem of a human and the most talented teacher EVER.

Seth, my instructor, was great! Super knowledgeable and patient.

My instructor, Austin, was great!

Our instructor George was great.

Dan from Mexico City was my son’s Ski School instructor for the afternoon. He was very
patient with Alex, my son, and I appreciated it since he can be a little headstrong.

Kudos to an amazing ski instructor, Rob Rizza! My family of 3 kids, my wife and I all took a full
day private lesson with Rob…all of us were first-time skiers. 2 of my kids told me prior to the
lesson that they were scared of learning. Rob has all the characteristics of a great
instructor…he was dynamically able to tailor his teaching style to each one of us, able to give
us feedback right away on our form and what we did right/what we should improve, and was
very encouraging throughout the experience. By the end of the day, none of my kids were
scared either of skiing or of taking a ski lift. We were incredibly lucky to have been matched
with Rob as our instructor. This was our first private lesson, and although I was hesitant at first
due to the price, in retrospect, it was a great investment. Thanks for a wonderful experience,
and please pass on our gratitude to Rob Rizza!

Our private ski instructor Markus was amazing with our girls!

I took two private half day ski lessons during my visit and both times my teacher was Scott B.
He was incredibly helpful in building my confidence and skill on the mountain. He was also
very friendly, knowledgeable, and he tailored my lessons to my ability perfectly. He really
maximized my time on the mountain during those three hour lessons and it really elevated my
overall trip experience.

John was my instructor for a group on Wednesday morning – patient – encouraging- had one
man on a first day ski lesson. He repeated “how to” frequently and “why” we should do things
a certain way – for example “keep your hands out front – don’t do a wide wedge”

The instructor’s Hal and Max were fantastic with our girls and they truly enjoyed their lesson

Danny and Ash were amazing. I felt completely so safe and they made learning snowboarding
a joy! Cannot wait to get back on the mountain with them again. Danny even made sure my
daughter and I got back to the Edgewood Shuttle ok when the Tahoe shuttle line was a mile

Josh Fowler, our snowboard instructor was amazing! Our boys loved Josh, please thank him.

Rif was very good during both lessons. We learned a lot. Hope to have him again. Thank you
for a very memorable holiday, anniversary weekend.

Our snowboard instructor was amazing!!!! Lopaka was brilliant 🙂

We got lessons for our 5 year old first-time skier with Bill Rothrock and he was great. He was
patient and persistent and we’ll look him up again for sure.

Russell Snow is the man!

Shawn (Snowboard Instructor) was awesome! Really good w/my kids during their lesson.

Troy was an amazing instructor.

Our instructor Joan was awesome and so helpful and I feel like staff overall were great and happy and receptive.

My adult beginners ski class instructor, Sherri, from mammoth lakes CA, was amazing! 10 stars to her! I have a fear of heights and was forced into the whole thing. Sherri put me at ease immediately and made me so comfortable the whole day. What a great, educational experience, all thanks to her. Can’t thank her enough! Will be back because of her and her kindness. 10 stars for Sherri! ???

Ben Bean my snowboard instructor was excellent!

We had great ski lessons with Rex and Luba

The staff at the ski school are great!

I had ski and snowboarding classes which were great. Just very happy with the whole experience. Thank you!

Instructors are very professional!

Robin Barnes’ expertise is evident and she made me feel so much more confident with skiing basics. Although the lesson was a group lesson, she differentiated the lesson to each individual’s comfort level. A++

I do not remember his name, but he was an instructor on 12/24 at 10 a.m. for the beginners class, he was great! Very knowledgeable and patient with our group. I wish I remembered his name to give him the credit he deserves.

I had amazing ski school instructors, Ryan Goralski, Dave, Guy Andrighetto and John D’Aintree. They made
learning to snowboard a pleasant experience and I would recommend them to anyone.

Hal is a very good instructor. He is personable and very encouraging.

Deon the snowboard instructor was an awesome instructor.

Very friendly and I had an awesome instructor for ride school.

It was a super enjoyable time and the snowboarding instructor Brian was super amazing and helpful. He really took the time to get to know everyone and help give each person small tips that helped us improve over lesson.

Had a blast! Our instructor Michael was awesome! Such a great and caring person. Definitely would recommend him!!

Millie was absolutely amazing as a ski instructor. She was able to help me feel confident and safe during the lesson. She was so kind and a great instructor. I appreciated her technique and how she chose to explain each different exercise she was wanting me to complete before having me attempt. I would not have had the experience I had skiing this year if it wasn’t for her. Thank you again Millie!!

Savannah was super patient with my lacking snowboarding skills. Can’t wait to take more classes.

Ellen Johnson is a great ski instructor.

Greg who has been teaching at Heavenly for 30 years was extremely helpful in teaching my family how to ski. He was so helpful that we took two days worth of private lessons from him. My twin 12 year old boys were confident on day three to ski the intermediate runs.

Pat my ski school instructor was fantastic! Followed all covid procedures, was friendly, welcoming, and encouraging. Ive skied for 7 years and learned something new, and feel confident in what I learned.

Ash gave me a beginner snowboarding lesson and was an amazing teacher. He adapted to my skill level and made me much safer on the mountain!

My instructor (Natalie?) was an absolute gem. She did my beginner ski lesson on Friday 12/11 at 10:00am and she was awesome.

I wanted to say thank you to our ski-instructor Richard (from Australia?)

Guy, our lesson instructor, was great. He did an awesome job giving each of us tips based on our skill levels.

Ivana was an amazing instructor.

LeeLee Gilbert was an amazing ski instructor for my 5-year old. She was patient, funny, caring, and very
effective in getting my son to feel confident on skis. Most importantly, we were impressed with how she took stewardship of Heavenly seriously: she made sure people had their masks on properly (and called them out if they didn’t), and that other people skied or boarded safely on the slopes. She is one of Heavenly’s Angels!

My ski instructor was Glen. Me and my sister were at the beginner level based on our skills but signed up for an intermediate ski lesson. Glen altered the lesson based on our skill level and helped us to progress in our technique in a fun and safe way. Glen, if you ever see this, you rock!

Danny is an amazing instructor and made the whole visit! He pays such great attention to what he’s doing and really helps you get better at what you are doing. We are looking forward to coming back and have another lesson with him soon!

We loved having Lee Lee for our ski instructor! Extremely professional, helpful, kind and our kids had a blast learning to ski with her!! Thanks Lee Lee!